Why do I STILL Feel Awful on my Medication?

Hey welcome back, good to see you again. I am Dr Wander from Integrated Health Center Maryland. Another question we are constantly being asked is “why do I still feel awful even though my labs are normal and I’m still on my towered medication?” But first of all, a towered medication’s job is to put TSH levels normal because typically on a blog report, we’ll see the normal ranges on air ranging on the low end ranging on 0.4 to the high end of 4.5. And if these TSH levels are within these numbers, your doctor will tell you your numbers are normal. But there are numerous sources from numerous journals that say the normal range is actually 1.8 to 3. So your doctor may tell you your number is normal when in fact it is not.

Another reason is that there are 10 basic towered markers to test and we typically will only see one to three markers tested on your reports. Why? Well because your treatment plan typically won’t change even when the other markers are tested because there are only 3 main medications. For more information, please go ahead and give us a call and see if you qualify for consultation.

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