Why didn’t my Doctor order these Tests for my Low Thyroid?

Hey, welcome back. This is Dr. Steve Wander of Integrated Health Center of Maryland. I’m constantly asked, “You say I need testing, more testing. Why didn’t my doctor order these tests? Well, really that’s a question for your doctor and not for me. But I do have an opinion, which is your doctor has certain tools in his/her toolbox. If doing these tests doesn’t or won’t change your tools for your treatment plan, then why do the tests?

And therein lies the issue. All the patients are being treated the same like you all have the same exact reason for your low thyroid. You are all in the same basic medications. Synthroid, levertoroxin, or armor. And the research shows 90% of you actually don’t even have a thyroid problem. For more information, call the number you see on the screen to see if you are qualified to come on our free dinner workshop. We look forward to see you.

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