Hello, I’m Dr. Wander from Integrated Health Center of Maryland located in Rockville, Maryland. It’s in the suburb in the Washington DC area covering Maryland, Northern Virginia, and obviously the DC area. Another common question we got asked is “why can’t I lose weight despite diet and exercise.

Well first of all we will never base the decision or recommendation on your case base on your weight. However, we will focus on the cause of your disease and once this gets addressed, a really nice side effect is typically quick and safe weight loss. Not only weight loss on the scale but noticeable changes on how your clothes fit. And I usually say this, you can’t out exercise or out diet hormones, the hormones will win every time. But another thing that understands this is the same foods are not healthy for every single person. So it’s not a one size fits our program. Typically that’s the matter you’re in now.

You have certain set of symptoms and love values and all you get is the same meds and the outcomes are not good. If you’re interested in a new model where each person is specific to each patient, please give our office a call to see if we can consider taking your case. Thank you.

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