Welcome back. I’m Dr. Steve Wander of Integrated Health Center of Maryland. Another common question I get is “Doc you told me I haven’t tested properly but what test are you gonna do? “ Well testing is the key on finding the cause of your disease. And obviously the results will be different for each person. Therefore the treatment plan will be different and herein lies the reasons for our success. The treatment plans are drawn from the ground up and it’s different for each individual. What a novel idea, treat each patient as an individual. We’re going to test your adrenals, which are your stress organ. There are 7 different levels of adrenals for thee. Each level requires different treatment. We’re gonna test your gut.

Some doctors say that 80% of your immune system is in your gut and when we test it typically we find parasites, pin worms, Candida, yeast, bad bacteria, not enough good bacteria and many other things. As sue in your gut for a lot better works. We’ll test your liver, your kidneys, your urine. We’ll do a food sensitivity test to see if certain “healthy foods” are actually causing the immune system reaction and therefore causing triggers to your issue. If you’re interested in specific treatment plan based on your testing and on your result, call our office to see if you qualify for us to see if we’ll be considered taking your case. Thank you.

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