Success Stories

Diabetic Patients


















“The doctors there are great! My mom had diabetes (diagnosed 15 years ago) and her condition has improved a lot. No more insulin or lisinopril. The doctors at IHCR take the time to listen and treat you as a human being not as a number. They get to the root of the cause. We are very grateful!”


“I am a patient of Dr. Wander. I was diagnosed as a diabetic type 2 when I was aged 40. That was 16 years ago. My A1C was up to 7.2 when I was starting this program and it’s now down to 6.3. I started in July, on the 6th, and I was taking 16 units of insulin. And now, it’s November, I am now taking no insulin at all. Also the nice side effect is I lost 20 pounds. Everyone here is very helpful and willing to answer any questions that you have. “


“Hi Folks, I just want to tell you how pleased I am with Dr. Wander. Before my A1C was 6.5 which is a little bit higher. But today 12 weeks later, with no meds, my A1C became 5.4 and non diabetic. I got astounding results in just a short period of time. I am very pleased with Dr. Wander’s program. My advice for you is definitely, talk to Dr. Wander. Listen to him, go to his FREE Dinner. Listen to what he will say and you will be glad you did.”


“I came about 3 months ago. Around Christmas, my wife basically saw the ad. I took the challenge. I was skeptical at first because I had been on medicine for 15 years and it didn’t do any good and the situation is getting worse. But, the 1st 2 weeks, my glucose from 130 went down to 98.” Thank you very much. “


“I’m a patient of Dr. Wander and I’ve been with him for about 3 and a half months, going intto the fourth month. And when I first started, my A1C was a 12.4 to a point where they were about to put me on the insulin. I started with the program and lost about 15 to 20 pounds with Dr. Wander and my last lab results came out at 5.7 on my A1C. I couldn’t be happier, I feel healthy, full of energy. And yes, even though, it takes every bit of sacrifice, it’s paid out in the end.”


“I’ve been in treatment for about 6 weeks. My A1C is 12.4 and my sugar is 200 to mid 300. Within 6 weeks, I have lost 13 pounds. My A1C is now into 10.2. I am feeling a lot better. My sugar is now 80 to 140 which is the average. It’s pretty good. So with that said, I am enjoying the treatment and a lot of progress.”

Thyroid Patients








“I am now in the office of the Integrated Health Center at Rockville. I had a treatment with Dr. Wander. I had a thyroid problem and diabetes and it has been approximately 6 months since I first started with the program. I can say that I am very satisfied with the service. I feel a lot more balanced right now, too. My body used to get all inflamed and sore back then, but once I had my treatment, my allergies also disappeared. I didn’t need to take any special medication. I feel really satisfied with the results of the treatment; I feel more energized and relaxed. I feel better than before. Thank you.”


“I am a patient here at Integrated Health of Rockville, Maryland. And I have been working with Dr. Wander about 6 weeks. When I first started, I was really tired and I just can tell that there is something wrong; that I am not feeling normal. I was experiencing some hair loss and I couldn’t lose weight. With the progress that we’ve made I lost 20 lbs. I feel a lot better; I definitely had more energy and ready to start a better life.”


“I am a patient here with Dr. Wander and just to give you a background. When I first started, I was very sick. I was tired all the time I was always in pain and bloated. It was normal always having pain. But once I started coming here, I thought it would be difficult but with the support of all the staff and the doctor, it really helped me eat better. I’ve learned so many new recipes. I feel better. I’ve been taking a lot of supplements which now I guess 5 weeks later made a huge difference. I’ve learned to control stress and I feel a lot better. I have lost a lot of weight. It’s all thanks to Dr. Wander and the practice that he has here.”