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Low Thyroid Disorders

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Can’t lose weight? Can’t sleep? Low libido? Losing your hair? Moody? Constipation? Are you having these symptoms despite being told you have a “normal TSH” by your Doctor, and despite taking thyroid hormones?

Over 90% of women with these problems actually don’t have a thyroid problem and are commonly falling victim to a Major Health Care Flaw. Find out what may be missing in your case. Start addressing the fire vs. addressing the smoke.

Type 2 Diabetes

There is more to Type 2 Diabetes than; Genetics, Weight, Lifestyle, and Diet. In fact, these categories are often not helpful at all in Reversing Type II Diabetes.

The research shows Type 2 diabetes is preventable, treatable and reversible. A recent study in The Journal of American Medical Association suggests that Type 2 Diabetes Can be put into partial or COMPLETE remission. (jama 2012 Dec 12;308 (23): 2489-96.)

For those patients on insulin: In people with Type II Diabetes, exogenous insulin therapy (prescription insulin) was associated with an increased risk of diabetes-related complications, cancer, and all-cause mortality. Differences in baseline characteristics between treatment groups should be considered when interpreting these results. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2013 Feb;98(2):668-77.

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Cognitive Decline

Memory loss and all forms of cognitive decline are not “just a part of getting older.” In fact, recent science has shown that there are many causes of declining brain health. Discovering and effectively managing the underlying causes can prevent and reverse memory loss, cognitive decline, and certain stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

The damage from cognitive decline often begins decades before symptoms ever appear. It’s important to take advantage of the latest diagnostic imaging and treatment approaches in order to take preventative measures where necessary. If you or a loved one is already showing signs of cognitive decline, dementia, or Alzheimer’s, it may not be too late. There is a new hope for those suffering from the dreaded disease of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

Current pharmaceutical approaches to cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease have largely failed and are actually quite dangerous. By implementing the most cutting-edge clinical approach, cognitive decline and certain stages of Alzheimer’s disease can now be reversed.

Functional Medicine

Our clinical model which many refer to as “Functional Medicine” is the branch of healthcare that addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and using diagnostic testing to find the cause of your ailment, and not just put a bandage over the symptoms.

In our opinion it is a clinical model that best addresses the needs of our communities. Ultimately we feel a clinical model for the 21st Century.

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Autoimmune and Metabolic Disorders

Autoimmune diseases are a unique class of illnesses. Essentially they are characterized by the immune system no longer just attacking foreign invaders, but instead begin to attack our own tissues.

Some Examples are… Hashimoto’s, Graves, Lupus, MS, Type 1 Diabetes, however there are many many more. The research says you have a 60-65% chance of developing a 2nd autoimmune condition after being diagnosed with your first.

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Allergy and Food Sensitivity Testing

Diagnostic testing from Cyrex Labs. Cyrex™ is a Clinical Immunology Laboratory Specializing in Functional Immunology and Autoimmunity. Cyrex™ offers multi-tissue antibody testing for the early detection and monitoring of today’s complex autoimmune conditions.

Cyrex™ develops innovative arrays through continuous collaboration with leading experts in medical research and clinical practice. Current testing includes but is not limited to: Leaky Gut, Gluten, Gluten Cross Reactors, Multiple Autoimmune reactivities, and Multiple Food Reactivity Screens.

Leaky Gut

The GI condition commonly known as “leaky gut syndrome” has been gaining a lot of attention lately. Essentially, leaky gut syndrome (“intestinal hyperpermeability”) is a condition that happens as a consequence of intestinal tight junction malfunction. These “tight junctions” are the gateway between your intestines and what is allowed to pass into the blood stream. Your tight junctions keep things out like toxins, microbes, and undigested food particles.

But having leaky gut is essentially like having the gates broken from your intestines to your bloodstream so many of these particles that should never have been able to enter have now gotten through. When this happens it causes inflammation throughout your body, which can lead to a variety of conditions such as: allergies, asthma, autoimmune disease, eczema/psoriasis, IBD and many others.

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Fatty Liver

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a very common disorder and refers to a group of conditions where there is accumulation of excess fat in the liver of people who drink little or no alcohol. The most common form of NAFLD is a condition called fatty liver.

In fatty liver, fat accumulates in the liver cells. Although having fat in the liver is not normal, by itself it probably does not damage the liver. A small group of people with NAFLD may have a more serious condition named non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

In NASH, fat accumulation is associated with liver cell inflammation and different degrees of scarring. NASH is a potentially serious condition that may lead to severe liver scarring and cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis occurs when the liver sustains substantial damage, and the liver cells are gradually replaced by scar tissue which results in the inability of the liver to work properly