How is your program for Thyroid Conditions Different.

Welcome back. Dr. Wander again. I’m asked a lot of the time “How’s your program different than what I have done or I am doing right now”. The answer is simple.

Currently, if you were in the pharmacological model, you’re being treated for symptoms and/or lab values and are being given medication to cover up the symptoms which are just gonna bully your body’s physiology to make your labs look normal. We called this treating the smoke versus treating the fire.

A good analogy if your smoke alarm went off in your house and it was bothering you and you just took it out the ceiling. No more alarms, no symptoms. But you didn’t find out where the fire was or what was causing your issue. This is the model most of you were in. Covering up presenting the smoke versus our program which is finding the fire i.e what is causing the smoke? We do this through testing, very very thorough testing.

It’s quite possible the right tests haven’t been run in your case. To find how to treat the fire, call the number you see on the screen to see if you qualify for one of our dinner workshops or in office consultation. Thank you.

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